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Our Chopping Boards are made only from Australian Timber!

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For more than 5 years we have been selling quality, locally made chopping boards on this site.

When our journey began it was almost impossible to find a local product online but a lot has happened in half a decade.

Many board manufacturers have finally recognised the importance of online sales as part of their marketing and now you, the customer, have a  much greater choice and variety of local products direct from the maker. The internet has delivered what it promised.

At the same time Australia Post have continually raised their prices and changed their packaged offers to the extent that low volume sales of large products are now prohibitively expensive and difficult to ship.

So the time has come for us to move on but we will continue to promote Australian made chopping boards and you can click through on the images down the page to visit our fabulous suppliers who have helped us delight our customers with their beautiful and unique products.

If you are a returning customer, and we have had many of them, please accept our thanks for your support over the past 5 years and I hope you will continue to support other independent e-commerce sites that exist to provide diversity and choice in a mass produced one size fits all world.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us through our contact page.

Why Australian?

Australian camphor laurel is possibly the best timber in the world for making naturally anti-bacterial, medium-density chopping boards that are both light and kind to your knives.

Our selectively harvested, hand made Tasmanian hardwood boards create beautiful, functional and long lasting treasures.

So why then do most department and online category stores still seem to offer only foreign made bamboo or rubberwood cutting boards?

Simply because most imported timber boards have huge retail margins so it’s easier and more profitable to import thousands of mass produced, characterless slabs with high price tags than to bother sourcing a quality, locally made product which contributes to the local community.

Because your wooden chopping board will add more charm, colour and practicality to your kitchen than just about any other accessory, you should carefully choose a beautiful chopping boards exquisitely crafted from Australian timbers and with sustainable credentials.

So forget the mass produced anonymity of plastic, glass or bamboo cutting boards and purchase the a beauty rich and rare, created right here in your own backyard!

Camphor Laurel Chopping Boards and Carvers

To appreciate how beautiful these rustic masterpieces will look in your kitchen please click through to see the whole range available from our supplier:

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Tasmanian Rivers Selection

Australia is blessed with many magnificent timbers and none more so than the unique timbers of Tasmania’s forests.

Each quality hand made board by is as rugged and unique as the Tassie landscape so please click on the board below to see the whole range:

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Finally, have you ever wondered which cutting board material is the most hygienic? Watch this important video or read the transcript!

Chopping boards - which one is best?Watch this important video or read the transcript!

Cutting boards – which material is most hygienic?

By the way, we’re so enthusiastic about camphor laurel that we’re always on the look out to expand our range of products.

If you know of other products made from Australian camphor laurel please contact us.

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